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Each person has their own distinct reason for buying plants.

Our approach to promoting plants is tailored to their specific benefits.

For instance, some individuals may be more inclined to purchase a tree if it is recognized for its air-purifying properties and its capacity to provide shade and cooler surroundings.

However, we are open to offering a discount if that’s what you’re seeking.

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Tips Of The Week

Dormant oils are particularly useful to treat winter insect eggs that twist the leaves in spring, such as aphids, caterpillars, moths wintering on conifers, as well as mealy bugs, nymphs and adults. These oils kill pests either by blocking the spiracles they use to breathe or by interfering with their metabolism. The use of dormant oils is highly recommended in place of pesticides. 

Dormant oil should be applied once in the spring before buds bloom (mid-March to mid-April). Apply when the temperature hasn’t dropped below 4ᵒC. Eliminates insects that hibernate on trunks and near the buds.

It’s time to plant annuals and vegetables

Annuals and vegetables are plants that grow and then die during the course of a year. They grow all at once, live for a short time, and then, when winter comes, they die.

Timing is everything. Frost warnings vary from area to area, so check the weather channel before planting. You may be safe to plant now if there are no frost warnings in your area. 

Use a phosphorus-rich feeder to help develop a healthy and strong root system.

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Remove the suckers from tomatoes

Tomato plants can benefit from having their suckers pruned off. By doing this, the plant will put more of its energy into producing fruit, rather than new stems. The fruit may be smaller if the suckers are not pruned, but the plant will be more unruly and difficult to manage as the season goes on. Pruning tomato suckers makes your plants more manageable and also helps them to produce better fruit. Keep in mind that we are always here to help with tips and tricks. Come and see us today!

Add soil to your lawn

Our garden is awakening from its cold winter sleep and it needs a refresh. Give your garden a healthy start by amending the soil with compost for healthy roots. This will improve the structure of ground soil, water retention, and feed existing plants. A good rule of thumb is 1 inch of compost a year for healthy soil.

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