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Even if you or your staff spend time and effort on producing Facebook updates (perhaps too much maybe?), are you able to keep posting frequently all year around, including in the peak season?

Do you know if your Facebook activities generate results?

Do you have a strategy to increase your Facebook community?

Post Management, Frequency and Constancy

It isn’t a secret anymore, the success of your Facebook page is directly related to the frequency and constancy of your posting activities.

We all know that during the peak season, most of your employees struggle to have enough time to meet in-store demand. In this situation, it makes sense that they have less or no time to spend on your Facebook page. But think about it: isn’t it contradictory that your digital marketing activities are weaker during the peak season, just when customers are shopping on-line for a garden center?

And during the winter, you might think that your team will have more time to manage your Facebook page, but what if your staff numbers have dropped? And what if your staff don’t have the expertise and skills to write content as great as Horticulture.biz can produce?

Our past experience shows us how important it is to post all year round and to be consistent. The idea is to capitalize on the high season momentum and stay “top of mind” until next spring!

If you subscribe to our service, your Facebook page will post new content every day of the week from spring to mid-fall, and three times a week from mid-fall through to the end of winter. No matter if you are busy in your garden center or if you are closed for a few months during winter, you will stay in your customers’ minds.


At Horticulture.biz, we take care of your Facebook page and your community, from content creation, to posting and reporting on the results. We feed your Facebook page on a regular basis with sharable content relevant to your clientele.

It is also possible to use our service to purchase Facebook Ads Campaigns on your behalf.

We have the expertise and the technology to implement global marketing strategies to increase the reach of your content, raise the interest in your garden center and bring in new customers!

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Content Creation

Our experts stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends in gardening in order to create interest and enthusiasm on your social media platform. We have the writing skills and the graphic design ability to develop strong professional articles and posts. The content that we will provide you with will include interesting articles, pictures and videos.

Plus, if you choose to go ahead with our Info-Flyer service and / or our Product-Flyer program, we will ensure that these promotions will be posted on your Facebook page.

Newsletter Subscription

To avoid missing an opportunity to build your email list, our team of experts have developed two strategies for your Facebook page to encourage subscription to your newsletter.

Firstly, we will integrate a “Subscribe” button at the top of your Facebook page. The button will be web-linked to a subscription form.

Secondly, we will create posts to promote subscription to your newsletter. The posts will also be web-linked to a subscription form.

Another effective way to boost the number of subscriptions is to organize a prize draw of gift certificates among the new subscribers. If you decide to go ahead with a prize draw, the results of this will be promoted on your Facebook page.

Plus, the winners will be posted on your Facebook page. This will generate interest among your Facebook community and help increase the reach of your content and support your brand awareness.

Cover Photo

Throughout the year, the cover photo of your Facebook page will be changed twice per month, in accordance with special holidays or seasons: conifers with snow, Valentine’s day, tulips, annuals, roses, palm trees, hydrangeas, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc


Every month, we will provide you with some Facebook statistics such as the number of visitors and likes of your page, your most shared posts, the number of additional newsletter subscribers, the number of clicks on your Retail Flyer Promotions and your Digital Flyer, etc.

Inbound-CRM Software

In order to help you track subscribers, we will create your free account in our Inbound-CRM software.

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. Our CRM software solution is the place where you can find all of your subscribers’ information (actual and potential clients) and the statistics on your newsletter subscription activities.

If you buy the Newsletter Program service, you will also have access to all the newsletter content (ready to be modified if you wish), and to all of the statistics relating to your program: opening rate, click rate, soft bounce rate, etc.

In order to help you, we will provide you with dedicated training to teach you how to easily use our CRM software and get the most out of it.

We are there to help you!

Other services

When you subscribe to our Facebook service, we will ensure that your Facebook page is always accurate and up to date with opening hours, address, etc.

 Our main focus will be on the About section and the Events section. We will make sure that all of the important information and in-store events are posted on your Facebook page.

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