A newsletter is a great way to keep your customers up to date on your news and new products. A well-written newsletter can bring you far more subscribers and revenue than any paid social media campaign.

When you send out an email newsletter, you’re providing value to your readers.

There are many benefits to having a horticultural newsletter program. First, it helps you build your brand. You’re able to share your expertise with your customers and build trust with them. The horticultural newsletter is a great way to keep stakeholders informed as well as to increase your brand awareness. It’s also a good way to keep them up to date on new products and make them better at using them.

If they are successful with your products, they will take up the hobby in the long run. When they come ready to buy, they’ll think of you!


How can we ensure that gardening remains an enduring passion for gardeners in the years ahead? The solution is straightforward: by empowering their success.

Offering tips, knowledge, and guidance is the most effective means to support their ongoing enjoyment of this hobby.

That’s why we’ve developed 125 newsletter templates.

We or you can personalize these newsletters with your company’s colors and entrust us to send them on your behalf.

Say goodbye to the hassle of selecting texts, images, and revisions.

With our specialized program designed for the horticultural industry, you’ll save countless hours of research and effort.


The newsletter program is also offered on a self-service basis.

You can save money by customizing and modifying them as you wish.

Content Creation and Customization

 Horticulture Marketing will provide you with professional quality articles
and exciting templates that will position you as a leader in your market. Throughout the year, the program will send 41 newsletters.
Each newsletter will present a feature article related to a topic
that you will have chosen among the 125 already created.

 The main Newsletter themes are: general plant information,
plant diseases, edible gardens, gardening tips, the top 10 …
and the winter program.

Each Newsletter
Will Include:

1. Your logo with your contact information and a header image changed to match the seasons;

2. A link to your social networks and your website;

3. A feature horticultural article – choose 41 topics from 125 available;

4. Great photos related to the article;

5. PDF link to the Info-Flyer (if this service is chosen);

6. Link to your flyer (included);

7. Google Map link to guide subscribers to your garden center.

8. Access to the INbound-CRM platform where you can check and/or modify texts and images. Add your own flyers, etc.

9. You will also have full access to nearly 200 additional templates to send other newsletters that you can modify and send at no additional cost.

10. Add products from your preferred suppliers — all of their image products are available on the E-Mail platform such as Fafard, Scotts, Preen, Bonide, Epsoma, B Horticulture, Jonathan Green, Coast of Maine…


Click on the image to see a complete sample newsletter

Browse our 125 topics

Newsletter Programming

Our technology experts will use INbound-CRM, the newsletter programming platform to plan all the communications with your subscribers. Our platform also allows us to customize the communication to your subscribers,
making it more personal and effective.

 All you have to do is tell us which topics you want to cover, the related products
in promotion (optional) and the dates that you want the newsletters to be
sent out to your subscribers.

Here are three sample videos that we utilize on your Facebook page to grow your audience


With your INbound-CRM account, you will have
easy access to relevant statistics. 

Number of openings, from which group, from which platform, number of clicks and on which links, etc.



INbound-CRM Software

We will create your account in our Inbound-CRM software and you will have access to all of your subscribers’ information
(actual and potential clients) and all of the statistics regarding your newsletter program:
opening rates, click rates, soft bounce rates, etc.

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. INbound marketing is a strategy that relies on
1) creating relevant content for a digital community and automating the publishing activities with a software;
2) converting web-users into potential customers (leads); and finally,
3) driving them into your store and encouraging them to make purchases.
Our INbound-CRM software will help you achieve this marketing objective.


 When you login to your INbound-CRM account, you will have access to all of the newsletter content

and program information, and you will be able to modify this yourself if you wish.

In order to support you, we will provide you with dedicated training to teach you how to easily use our CRM software
and get the most out of it. We are here to help you!

Watch this video to discover all the possibilities available in INbound-CRM

Communications Managed by

INbound-CRM are: 

1. Subscription confirmation email

2. Newsletter modification & distribution

3. Mailing list removal email
(if the customer unsubscribes)

4. Birthday email (with a gift – optional)

5. Christmas email (with a gift – optional)

6. New Year email (with a gift – optional).

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