INbound-CRM is a software that allows you to manage
and send newsletter to people who subscribe to your newsletters.

It also allows you to create membership forms.
On your website, your Facebook page and on an iPad terminal.

Free with all our services, we will create and install your membership forms. On your website, Facebook page
and in the software for the iPad kiosk.

If you select our program “Newsletter” you will be able to view and modify them directly in the platform, if you wish.

INbound-CRM Software

We will create your account in our Inbound-CRM software and you will have access to all of your subscribers’ information
(actual and potential clients). All of the statistics regarding your newsletter program:
opening rates, click rates, soft bounce rates, etc.

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. INbound marketing is a strategy that relies on.
1) creating relevant content for a digital community and automating the publishing activities with a software;
2) converting web-users into potential customers (leads); and finally,
3) driving them into your store and encouraging them to make purchases.
Our INbound-CRM software will help you achieve this marketing objective.

INbound-CRM also helps you to increase your web customer base by providing you with the ability to create membership forms.
On your website, your Facebook page and via an iPad terminal in your store.

Centralize your customers in a single database.



When you login to your INbound-CRM account, you will have access to all of the newsletter content and program information.
You will be able to modify this yourself if you wish.

In order to support you, we will provide you with dedicated training
to teach you how to easily use our CRM software.
We will get the most out of it.
We are here to help you!

Inbound-CRM Software

In order to help you track subscribers, we will create your free account in our Inbound-CRM software.

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. Our CRM software solution is the place where you can find all of your subscribers’ information
(actual and potential clients) and the statistics
on your newsletter subscription activities.

If you buy the Newsletter Program service,
you will also have access to all the newsletter content (ready to be modified if you wish), and to all
of the statistics relating to your program:
opening rate, click rate, soft bounce rate, etc.


Communications managed by our program are: 

1. Subscription confirmation email

2. Newsletter distribution

3. Mailing list removal email (if the customer unsubscribes)

4. Birthday email (with a gift – optional)

5. Christmas email (with a gift – optional)

6. New Year email (with a gift – optional).

Self-service Ipad terminal

We also offer an iPad customer membership kiosk for your business.
Placed in a store, at a trade show or other event, it allows your customers to subscribe
to your newsletters independently, directly at your site.


This software (app.) is provided free of charge
with our services and acts as a visual interface
in your iPad, allowing you to record
your customers’ contact details.

iPad terminals are available in the shopping cart.

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