Would you like to promote deals on your Facebook page,
your website and through your Newsletter Program?

Would it be great if a third-party would write about
your promotional products and create the short articles
instead of your in-store experts?

If you subscribe to our Info-Flyer service,
our experts will provide you with a full promotional service that includes:

Info-Flyer with the Newsletter Program

When you subscribe to our Newsletter Program,
you choose 41 topics among the 125 available.
Each newsletter will present a feature article
on your chosen topic.

The Info-Flyer is a short version of the newsletter feature article. Any promotional products related
to the topic can then be integrated in the Info-Flyer.

The newsletter and the short version of the Info-Flyer cover the following principal themes:
general plant information, plant diseases,
edible gardens, gardening tips,
top 10 plants and the winter program…


Writing a short article on a specific theme (you choose 41 from the 125 available)


Creating an appealing one-page layout (including your logo and store information)


Integrating up to three promotional products (name, picture, description and price) optional


Promoting the Info-Flyer on all of your platforms: Facebook page, Newsletters, website carousel and Google Business Profile (depending on which services you subscribe to)

In addition to your digital promotional program,
it is possible for you to print the Info-Flyer for in-store or local distribution.

Info-Flyer – Promotion and Statistics

Depending on the services that you have subscribed to, we will promote your Info-Flyer
on your different digital platforms and provide you with relevant statistics.
The results will help you evaluate the success of your promotions.



  1. If you subscribe to our Facebook Posts Creation
    and Management
    service, we will promote your short version flyer on your Facebook page. Each month, we will provide you with Facebook statistics such as the number of clicks, shares, likes, etc.
  1. If you subscribe to the Newsletter Program service, we will attach the one-pager flyer in a PDF version to the newsletter and email it to your subscriber list. Statistics such as opening rates and click rates will be available through your INbound-CRM account. CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. Our CRM software solution is the place where you can find all of your subscriber information (actual and potential clients), statistics on your newsletter subscription activities and statistics on the opening and click rates for your newsletter.
  1. If you subscribe to the Website Carrousel service, we will set a carousel visual related to the flyer theme that you have chosen and your promotional products. Statistics will be available through your Google Analytics account and provided in your monthly report.
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