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Are your

digital marketing
activities strong enough ?

Are you missing out on business opportunities
of the weakness of your digital marketing programs?
Maybe your digital activities don’t represent the level of excellence
and expertise that your customers can find in your garden center?
Why is that? Do you lack time?
Expertise? Specialized tools and technology?
Or maybe you lack all of these?

It’s time to take action !

let us support you with your ‘digital’ horticultural marketing activities !

Horticulture Marketing is a digital marketing agency specialized in the horticultural marketing field. Not only will we configure and manage your on-line programs, but we will also provide all the garden marketing content including articles, texts, photos and videos.  

Active in the horticultural industry for over 30 years, our experts understand your reality and speak your language !


Providing digital marketing services for the last 20 years, we have all the experience and expertise to support you in this endeavor.

What are the benefits of a strong digital marketing strategy ?

Digital marketing activities include everything that is related to your presence on the internet and the numerous contacts that your garden center has with its online community,
potential and actual customers.

It is certainly a great challenge to manage your store along with all your online activities: website, Google Business Profile, Facebook, newsletters, flyers, etc.

Developing an integrated digital marketing strategy
will bring your garden center numerous benefits :

    • Attract new urban and young customers

    • Reach your customers where they spend time, on the web

    • Increase the frequency of in-store visits and customer loyalty
    • Provide a better customer experience to your clientele
    • Position your garden center as a leader in your market
    • Help with recruitment activities and attracting talent

Find out how our full range of services can free up your time so you can focus on your in-store activities.

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