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Would you like to compete with big box stores
with your own retail flyer, but think that
you don’t have the means to do it?

Maybe you think it’s too complicated and too
time-consuming to create your own retail flyers
or to be involved with a graphic designer
who doesn’t have horticulture knowledge?

At Horticulture Marketing, we can create your customized retail flyers with little effort on your part. Not only do our graphic designers make very professional and appealing designs, but they also have knowledge in horticulture. The expertise of our team makes the work easier and more pleasant for you. We are able to quickly understand your needs and requirements.

Plus, if you subscribe to our other services (Facebook Posts Creation and Management, Newsletter Program, etc.), we will take responsibility for promoting your retail flyers on all your digital platforms.

Having some frequency with the publication of your retail flyers will result in more visits to your garden center. Your customers will be attracted by your deals and will possibly make more purchases than they had first planned.

Your involments

At every step of the production, our marketing experts will
help you to define your needs and support you with your tasks.
It’s team work!

Determine your program:
number of flyers, promotion dates, number of pages

Provide us with the list of deals: product names, descriptions, characteristics, images

Define the services or special
in-store activities that you want
to promote in your flyer

Provide us with your logo,
images, photos, texts
and all relevant information

Revise draft versions of the retail flyers and put your approval
on the final proof

Confirm with us which platforms we should promote your retail flyer on: Facebook page, website, newsletter, website carousel, Google Profile, etc.

* If you want content creation as well, our experts will write all the necessary text and will take care
of all the images as well.

Our Promise

We promise to produce retail flyers with high-quality graphic designs. We also commit to meeting deadlines and communicating your flyers to your digital community right on time!

Once the flyer period is over, we will remove the flyers from your platform and provide you with relevant statistics to help you evaluate the success of your flyer in terms of opening rates, click rates or Facebook reach.

  1. We help you with your program and flyer content
  2. Provide the design
  3. Do the layout
  4. Produce the final version
    of the flyer
  5. Promote the flyers on
    your platforms
  6. Provide you with
    a monthly statistics report

Product-Flyer Promotion and Statistics

Depending on the services that you subscribe to, we will promote your retail flyers on your different digital platforms and provide you with relevant statistics. The results will help you evaluate the success of your program and determine the changes that you need to make to improve your flyers.

  1. If you buy our Facebook Posts Creation and Management service, we will promote your flyer on your Facebook page. Each month, we will provide you with Facebook statistics such as the number of clicks, shares, likes, etc.

2. The Newsletter Program service, we will attach the flyer in a PDF version to the newsletter and email it to your email subscriber list. We will also include a web link on your website if we have access to it. Statistics such as opening and click rates will be available through your INbound-CRM account.
CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. Our CRM software solution is the place where you can find all of your subscribers’ information (actual and potential clients), statistics on your newsletter subscription activities and statistics on the opening and click rates of your newsletter.

3. Website Carousel service, we will promote certain promotions from your flyer in your website carousel. Statistics will be available through your Google Analytics account and provided in your monthly report.

4. There are two other situations where we can promote your retail flyer on your website: 1) if you buy our Website Creation service or 2) if you provide us with access to your website (programmed on WordPress). If you buy our Website Creation service, statistics will be available through your Google Analytics account and provided in your monthly report.

5. The Google Business Profile 360° Photos and Video service, we will promote your flyer on your Google Business Profile. Statistics will be available through your Google MyBusiness account and provided in your monthly report.

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