Horticultural Basket – Online Orders & Shopping Cart for Garden Center

Set-up fee (one-time):  $2500

After, pay only the cost of the subscription (monthly): $125/month

What’s included

  • Links to your website and from your website to your online store
  • Email, phone , logo, social network links to your header
  • Thousands of plants, including photos, descriptions and technical specifications
  • (you select the ones you sell in your store).
  • Full access to the plant library (text, photos and technical specifications)
  • Catalog of hundreds of complementary products (potting soil, compost, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Generic visual theme with customization possibilities (logo and corporate colors)
  • Purchase order option only
  • PayPal payment option or payable in store
  • Option to print Bench Cards in 5” x 7”, 7” x 11”, 8” x 10” and 8 1/2” x 11” formats.
  • Administrator platform with statistics
  • User manual to add/manage your own products to your catalog
  • Responsive design for mobile phones
  • Twelve months of web hosting
  • Secure SSL Certificate

Plant Selector included

Search according to different criteria

  • Flowering color
  • Exposure
  • Height
  • Width
  • Hardiness zone



  • Personalized carousel with your choice of messages and/or promotional products
  • Texts for home page (delivery options, pick-up options, Covid, etc.)
  • Theme personalization (logo and corporate colors)
  • Importing your product lists
  • More than 40 page models with various horticultural subjects such as: Bulk Calculator, Pesticides, Fertilizers…, Annuals, Trees, Shrubs, Broadleaf, Evergreens…•
  • ‘How To’ topics for your Blog


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