On Tuesdays, we build your customer database

Newsletter Subscription Program

To reach your customers also by email

We create your membership form
for your Facebook page and website

Free INbound-CRM all year round

Subscriptions and unsubscriptions management

It’s great to reach your customers via Facebook but if they don’t look at your page they won’t see you. That’s why on Tuesdays we ask them to subscribe to your publications and you will be able to reach them directly by email.

We will create your free account in our INbound-CRM email management platform and create membership forms for your website and Facebook page that we will install. INbound-CRM will save all subscriptions and will then be able to send newsletters directly to subscribers.



We create and install the subscription form on your

website and link it to your Facebook page.


Click Here to Subscribe to our Facebook Post Program

We will create your free INbound-CRM account, create and install a subscription form to the newsletter on your Facebook page and on your website.

We build your customer database
With a text and a video (changed monthly), we will stimulate customers to subscribe to the newsletter.

We can also manage a monthly draw for a higher membership.

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